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Regardless of what business you are in, your success depends upon customer satisfaction to ensure they return and refer you to friends and family.  The car wash industry is the same and in particular, manual wash bays.

All car wash owners and managers need successful washes and having the correct washing tools is a big part of that.  Just as detergents and other consumables are an important part of the success of every wash, so are manual wash bay foam brushes.


With the poor performance of synthetic bristles (made from either nylon, polyester or polypropylene) compared to hog hair and the ever-increasing shortage of hog hair, it is imperative that detailed research be carried out by resellers of hog hair foam brushes to ensure you get the best possible brush on the market.

Synthetic bristles cost less and are ideal for scrubbing muddy tyres and vehicles with extreme soiling such as farm vehicles.  They're also less durable than hog hair, and because they're tougher, they're more likely to scratch paintwork.

Although hog hair brushes are more expensive, they are more robust and keep their shape for a longer period of time while being softer, minimising the chance of harming the customers' paintwork.

Hog hair in car wash brushes is naturally thick and strong and is nature's most durable hair.  When wet, it does not go limp and can hold a lot of water which makes for a better clean. The ultra-soft fibres gently break up impurities as they glide across the surface.

It's the perfect paint-safe wash tool for fine finishes because of these features.  This means that your self-serve bay clients will have a better experience.

All of our brushes are made of 100% genuine hogs hair that has been firmly attached to moulded plastic blocks and then screwed to rust free aluminium heads which allow the foam to flow through to the hog hair.  The threaded head for the foam handle is ½” female – the industry standard.

To further protect your customers cars, the brushes have a moulded rubber bumpers to protect against scratching caused by the head coming in contact with the paintwork.  Because synthetic brushes wear out much quicker with the higher risk of scratches, it’s more economical (with less complaints) over time to use hog hair brushes.

How can our prices be lower than other suppliers? 

The reason is brushes are our core business (no chemicals, parts etc)  and we have 1 warehouse with 1 employee which allows us to pass those savings onto you.

A dangerous question to ask is “Do I save money now and pay for it later with loss of customers” whereas you should be asking “how can I save money now and retain customers by using high quality brushes and is this possible” and the answer is YES – Brushes Direct Hog Hair Brushes tick both boxes (save money and guaranteed high quality).


Knotted Brush

There’s a lot you might know when it comes to harvesting and sourcing hog hair. In addition to the car wash industry, hog hair is also used for things like paint brushes, make-up tools, and even electronics cleaning devices.

Simply put, more industries are recognising the benefits of these natural fibres and using them in their products, which greatly increases the demand for hog hair.  The result is unscrupulous hair suppliers will mix other similar looking hair in their supply to the brush manufacturer, resulting in knotting and tangling within a couple of days of use (see example).

It is due to this that Brushes Direct have heavily invested money & time to source trouble-free brushes (and we’ll be the first to admit to some failures with knotting) that only contain pure hog hair.


This is why we can proudly offer a “Life Time Tangle Free” guarantee for the life of our brushes – something we haven’t seen in the industry plus we offer bulk discounts and free freight on bulk orders.

Life-Time-guaranteeOur brushes are made with the highest quality materials, allowing your manual wash bay customers to achieve excellent cleaning results. The Brushes Direct Hog Hair brush is ideal for car owners who want to wash swiftly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

There are customers who try and save a $ by skimping on required wash steps such as foam brushing and get ordinary results, while I believe the vast majority see the value in the foam brush and the results they bring by adding detergent (foam) and agitation to breakdown road grime and soiling.

Now, more than ever with the Covid epidemic period we are enduring, it’s vital to make the right economic purchasing decisions when comparing initial costs versus long term use and repeat patronage and hog hair brushes fall right into this decision process.

Please call Steve on 0408 101 785 with any inquiries or order online by clicking HERE 

About Our Brushes

Brushes Direct Hog Hair Car wash Brush

Brushes Direct pure soft "Hogs Hair" Foam Brush are perfect for your Self Serve wash bays and have been designed with optimum cleaning results in mind, reduced fibre entanglement whilst giving a longer life.

These super soft, yet very dense (over 300 hairs per sq cm) hogs hair bristles give maximum protection to vehicles with the protection of the soft plastic bumper.

  • Choose between our Premium or Ultra brushes
  • Dense, 100% tangle resistant Hogs Hair
  • 110mm Brush hair length, 250mm long & 70mm wide
  • Aluminium Brush Head with soft bumper gasket to protect the vehicle from scratches or scrapes
  • Natural hogs hair to prevent scratches and scuffs
  • Brush Life "Fibre Knotting" Guarantee
  • Durable to withstand a variety of conditions

What Others Say

Our self serve car wash has been trialling the new hogs hair foam brush from Brushes Direct and we are very impressed with the performance of these brushes, compared to it's much dearer competitor.
stevecyber222Google review
"For the last 2 months I've tried one of the new Hogs Hair foam brushes from Brushes Direct. After 2 months there is still no visible wear in the hogs hair, so it is lasting better than other brushes I have been using. The hair has never knotted which has happened with other brooms I have tried. I am very happy with the brush so I have just ordered 20 to take advantage of the volume discount. I'm not sure how long it will last but it seems far better than other brushes I have used."
Greg KoppSuperwash Hervey Bay
Excellent pricing and service. Brushes appear to be of excellent quality !!!
Jonathan RobertsGoogle review
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